Prints and decorations

Flexographic print

A printing technique using a flexible, convex print form made of polymer.

Digital print

Materials for printing are transferred to a printing machine as computer data. The digital record itself is a form of printing.

Dry offset

A variation of print in which the image is transferred from a cylindrical print form to a cylinder covered by rubber, and then from the cylinder to the print substrate. All colours are applied at the same time.


Screen printing, silkscreen, serigraphy – a printing technique in which the print form is a template superimposed on a fine woven, metal or synthetic fibre mesh. The print is made by forcing paint through the matrix.

Hot-Stamping and In-Line Foiling

Decorating with hot-stamped gold or silver foil. In-line foiling is the decoration with foil combined with silkscreen.

Other decorations

Flood print is an offset and silkscreen printing method used as a background or base for text or illustrations. Flood print produces a uniform printed surface. Selective varnish is an option if you want to achieve matt and glossy varnish on the tube in different combinations. We also provide full service for the decoration of caps. Depending on the type of cap, we can offer: metallisation, a hot-stamping stripe or simple printing.


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    Print according to the customer’s design.

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    Option of a sample print.

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    Securing the cap: an option of a seal made of aluminium or plastic foil for screw caps; an option of foil covering the cap (a sleeve) for pushed on caps.

  • Cap decoration including: colouring, metallisation, Hot-Stamp stripes or print.

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