We are fully focused on developing and improving our production capacities. The main sectors of our business are printing, tube material technology, eco plastic and PCR solutions, and the creation of new forms of caps and their decoration. You can find our offer below.

Packaging that
says more

The graphics on the packaging communicates information, increases visibility,
engages the customer’s senses and improves marketing potential. Dafo offers a range of packaging
print and decoration options. With a print, your packaging can say more
things that are important to the customer.

7-in-1 tubes: full range,
full potential.

For many of our customers, the 7-in-1 tube was a real
“lucky seven”.

It is worth taking full advantage of the potential of Dafo. We have the tools and technologies
to make your packaging look better and cost less.

What is in it for you?


Packaging becomes your marketing


You have a better product and reduced costs


Order completion is even faster


We can create a 100% custom layout.


We have full control over quality

Materials are an ingredient
of success

Only perfect ingredients can result in a perfect product. That is why when working on
new projects and in the production we only use the best
materials that are certified and approved for use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
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There are many ways to create the perfect packaging. Shape, texture, design,
and print... Every detail influences the sales results and the image of your company.

We are happy to share our experience in effective packaging and select the
technology that is ideal for your purposes.

Dafo Plastics technologies
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Project Production Success

You can order packaging from A to Z:
a new design, selection of materials and effects, development of a print, and production and delivery of an agreed batch of finished packaging.

Everything in one place, conveniently and efficiently.

Individual projects in Dafo are:

  • custom packaging projects,
  • drawings and 3D models,
  • design and manufacture of packaging moulds,
  • full confidentiality.

Custom projects are the sole property of the customer and we do not show them on our website, fairs or exhibitions.

Ask for custom packaging

Everything is tailored from the very first consultation.