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Printing and decoration



Printing and decorating is available on all our range of polyethylene tubes. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and in our ability to meet the requirements of rapidly changing markets.


The basic methods of printing include screen printing and offset printing. For decorating tubes as well as caps we can also offer hot foil blocking/hot stamping.
To ensure high quality of our services, we propose carrying out a test printing on the tubes.

For better content protection of the tubes we are able to provide caps with foil protection outside the cap (“sleeves”) or the aluminium foil on a cavity.

  • Sitodruk


    A stencil method of printing in which a design is imposed on a screen of plastic with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. A squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing ink through the mesh onto the printing surface. Using this technique we can print five colours onto tubes. Silk screening is good for vivid colours as the ink is laid down quite thickly which produces a tactile and high quality feel.

  • Offset


    A commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred from a cylindrical printing form to a rubber cylinder and then to the printing surface. All the colours of the image are imposed on the printing surface at the same time. Offset gives great registration over a high number of colours. We can achieve up to eight colours on our offset printing machines.

  • Apla


    A method in offset and silk screen printing used as a background or an undercoat for the text or illustrations. The effect of using deluge is uniform surface of printing, which means full coverage. Deluge application can be used when we want to achieve the full coverage effect without adding pigment to the raw material.

  • Raster


    A printing method used to achieve the halftone effect, such as in photographs. Screen is a single-tone image consisting of tiny dots, so small that while viewing from some distance gives the impression of merging with the surrounding background. We use this method for silk screen printing, as well as offset printing.

  • Hot


    A dry printing method in which graphics are stamped on to a surface by using a dye made of metal or silicon and a thin metal foil. The foil is positioned above the material to be printed and then the heated dye presses the printed surface leaving the foil on it. We offer different types of hot-stamping foils: metallic (gold, silver), pigmented and holographic that gives a 3-D effect. This technique is used for decorating tubes as well as caps.

       Depending on customer requirements we can offer further special effects of printing on tubes:

  • Sitodruk

    Silk Screen printed

  • Offset

    offset printed

  • Błyszczący

    gloss lacquered

  • Matt

    MATT lacquered

  • Apla

    flood covered

  • Raster

    Raster effect

  • Efekt półtonów

    halftone effect

  • Pearl


  • Metallic


  • Hot-stamping

    Hot foil blocked

  • Nadruk na zamknięciu

    printed cap

  • Hot-stamping na zamknięciu

    hot foil blocked cap

  • Metalizacja zamknięcia

    metallised cap

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