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Manufacturing processes



    A production method, in which the plastic pipe is placed between two halves of the mould and blown under pressure in order to take the shape of the mould. Our machines are capable of manufacturing numerous jars and bottles of various shapes and capacities ranging from 25 to 750 ml. Bottles and jars are manufactured in-house from PVC, PE and PETG, while closures from PP.



    The process of forming material by forcing it under pressure through a heated cylinder, and then through a head to a closed form. Dafo production uses injection machines to manufacture various types of closures and caps, both on the basis of its own moulds, as well as customer proprietary products.

  • Wtrysk z rozdmuchem


    A technology of forming the finished tube in a single production cycle, in which the neck of the tube is formed in injection process in the first stage, and then the body of the tube is blown. Both the neck and the body of the tube are made of the same, homogeneous material, which means that they are the same colour and there are no signs of joint line. We use the injection blow molding technology to produce polyethylene tubes.



    The process of forcing a pipe from a polyethylene mixture (PE-HD and PE-LD). We use this method in the production of polyethylene tubes. The mass of molten polyethylene is pressed through the calibrator, in which the pipe is formed in vacuum conditions. Then the pipe is cut into required length pieces called sleeves. They are half-finished products in the head moulding process.

  • Główkowanie


    A method of forming a head of the tube using sleeves obtained by extrusion. In this technology the pipe of the tube is applied to the mandrill and then a heated disc formed from the melt of polyethylene (PE-HD) is put on the same mandrill. By using an appropriate mould the head of the tube is simultaneously pressed as well as welded with the sleeve to the shape of a final product.