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We produce using HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC & PETG. The natural appearance of these materials are water clear for PVC, PETG and milky white, semi-transparent for HDPE, LDPE and PP. For polyethylene tubes, we use a standard mixture of HDPE (20%) and LDPE (80%).

  • PE – Polyethylene

    A flexible, waxy and white thermoplastic porous substance or white powder extracted from crude oil. PE is obtained through polymerization of ethane (ethylene). It is one of the most widely used plastics.

  • polietylen

    LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene

    A transparent material, flexible and soft, odorless and completely neutral physiologically. It is susceptible to welding and less resistant to higher temperatures. LDPE is commonly used in the manufacture of plastic packaging.

  • pe-hd

    HDPE – High Density Polyethylene

    Obtained by polymerization of low pressure. It is harder compared to LDPE, has a higher melting point (125°C), a higher barrier against gases and higher chemical resistance, has a higher brittleness at lower temperatures, is less transparent (milky). HDPE is resistant to many different solvents and has wide range of applications.

  • pvc

    PVC – Polyvinyl chloride

    A plastic obtained by polymerization of monomers – vinyl chloride. It has thermoplastic properties, characterized by high mechanical strength and is resistant to many solvents.

  • pp

    PP – polypropylene

    A thermoplastic hydrocarbon polymer with the lowest density among the widely used polymers. It exhibits high chemical resistance, especially at room temperature, making it almost completely resistant to acids, bases, salts and organic solvents. PP is a combustible material, colourless, odorless and impervious to water and easy for processing.

  • petg

    PETG – Glycol-modified Polyethylene terephthalate

    A thermoplastic, transparent copolyester with excellent gloss. It has widespread application in packaging, especially useful for packaging of preparations containing alcohol.

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